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Hi, I'm Erin! Welcome to my "just for Nancy Drew" blog! My main and personal blog myreasontosing has been up and running for about three years now (or something like that), but after discovering the Nancy Drew fandom on tumblr, I just HAD to create a separate blog just so I could fangirl with other ND fans. =) (And as a result, I spend WAY more time on this blog than my main blog and there's very little activity there.) This means that I can't follow people with this blog (just blog and reblog), but if I follow you, it's myreasontosing that comes up - but they're both me! =)

If you would like to find more Nancy Drew blogs to follow, go to the ClueCrewDirectory!

I own and have played every single Nancy Drew game. My very first was The Final Scene, and I played it back in 2002 when I was in 6th grade (10 years ago, WOW) and my favorites (in no particular order) are Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Danger on Deception Island, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Curse of Blackmoor Manor (this one I generally choose as my one "favorite"), Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and The Deadly Device.

Ask me anything

Probably a true statement most of the time. Haha

Probably a true statement most of the time. Haha

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    I remember being floored by the truth of this statement when I first played this
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